Beats Give Back: Ammoflage

Every month, House Hats will be highlighting a charitable act in the artist community in our Beats Give Back feature. For our initial newsletter, I wanted to feature Andy “Ammo” Schneider for his generous contributions to the Southern Poverty Law Center via his custom speaker project. I contacted Andy because I was jealous of my friend’s new custom speakers. After seeing her story of Ammoflage #58, dripping in radiant oranges and yellows with cool grey blotter spots, I had to get my hands on a pair. Andy was nice enough to do a phone interview with me and craft me Ammoflage #60, JBL speakers with a smooth marble texture and a blue, green and gold woofer rim. These custom speakers are going to increase my production creativity in the studio and donate to the Southern Poverty Law Center for fighting hate, teaching tolerance and seeking justice in an imperfect world. 

You may recognize Ammo from touring with Justin Jay’s Fantastic Voyage in his iconic red Adidas tracksuit. After spending some time as a drummer in a grunge band and as a bedroom vinyl DJ early in his career, Ammo’s current art form is a pair of bongos. He took his art form to the next level on Holy Ship when he added the tracksuit to his live set. Titled as a “DJ Percussionist”, he drums on stage alongside artists including but not limited to; Justin Jay, Moon Boots, Option4 and Barcelona’s Chus & Ceballos. Andy’s favorite style of house captures both melodic and rhythmic elements. He appreciates the percussive elements in tribal house and credits South American producers for their style of house. Ammo has the ability to transcend house sets by shredding the bongos, and he chooses to drum for DJs that are undisputable great and genuine human beings. 

He and the Fantastic Voyage team talk daily about education, growth and morals and represent a refreshing group of good people in the industry. Surrounding himself with people that challenge each other to be better versions of themselves influenced him to start a philanthropy. Andy’s “Ammoflage” project began during quarantine as an idea for him to find a new hobby that is fun and also has a greater impact on people during a difficult year. Since the March quarantine, Andy has donated all profits above cost from his custom speakers to fighting hate crimes and racial injustices, totaling $15,000. Additionally, Adobe, his 9-5 workplace, contributed $30,000 after offering to triple donations up to $10,000. The Ammoflage speakers have raised a total of $45,000 for the Southern Poverty Law Center, a noteworthy amount built through the generosity, creativity and benevolence of one individual, Andy “Ammo” Schneider.